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Join us for a lifetime bicycle tour in India that will leave you mesmerized! Meander through the sandy stretches of Thar desert, the perfect pale backdrop to the splash of colours that is India! A wondrous mix of textiles, jewelry, local craft create an exciting mélange of cultural fabric for you to discover in the narrow markets of charming weathered towns of India. Explore remote villages, old forts, ancient temples, wildlife and grand palaces that have withheld the test of time as you bike along the interior trails of India.

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Reviews from our friends

Allison from UK


Loved & enjoyed all the hotels

We have taken many bike trips and like to select a local company. I think that the value is better and there are more choices for itineraries. Loved & enjoyed all the hotels!! Maybe we will take a trip to India with the Art of Bicycling.

Thang Nguyen from AU


had a great trip

We had a great trip, biking from Kochi to Chennai. Our group of 3 made up of one avid young cyclist, and two elderly newbies. The avid biked ahead at twice the speed, so Ajesh, the van driver, followed/led her thru the daily course. Muthu - the guide- and the newbies followed later. Muthu helped shield the crazy Indian traffic from the newbies. We all had a good time. We rode early into sunrises over beautiful countryside, sampled exotic fruits and local cuisine, stayed in historic mansions or local boutique hotels, smelled different Indian spices, visited old majestic temples, and took photo with many warm wishers from villages. There were not many foreign tourists back roads, so we were quite noticeable and welcome. The traffic was just crazy and nerve-racking at times for us newbies coming from the US and riding on the right side of the road (not that it mattered), although Muthu did his best to shield us from the traffic, and re-route the route to less traveled rural roads. Experienced bikers might be more comfortable with traffic though. We would rate the trip higher otherwise. Guide Muthu and driver Ajesh were great: friendly, helpful, professional, timely. We enjoyed their company.

Sheila Wong from UK


true immersion in the sights, sounds, and smells of South India

The Kochi to Chennai ride is a true immersion in the sights, sounds, and smells of South India. It is suitable for adventurous riders. There’s some tough hills going through the Western Ghats (days 3 & 4), with rest of the ride through Tamil Nadu mostly flat. The guide and driver were friendly and attentive. The lodging and food are good. The historical sites visited, especially the ones in Mahabalipuram, are wonders.