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Wonderful! The cycling was hard work at times but very rewarding. The accommodation was pretty good. The food was excellent and plenty of it. The guides were very committed and took great care of us. I will definitely be using this company again to explore another part of Europe.

How Do I Know Which Croatia Bike Tour Is Right For Me?

Choosing the right Croatia bike tour boils down to two things:

  • Where in Croatia do you want to cycle?
  • What kind of experience do you want on your Croatia bike tour?

Based on the above criteria, we’ve designed the following tours to help cyclists explore the best of Croatia:

1. Split to Dubrovnik: Island Hopping the Dalmatian Coast Bike Tour

If you have beaches, islands, and exploring Croatia’s numerous UNESCO heritage sites in mind, our Split to Dubrovnik: Island Hopping the Dalmatian Coast Bike Tour is what you’re looking for.

This tour starts in Split, and covers three Dalmatian islands — Brač, Hvar, and Korčula — before ending in Dubrovnik. Besides their gorgeous beaches, these islands are also the sunniest part of Croatia, receiving more than 2700 hours of sunshine per year.

At the beginning of each day, we sail with our bikes on a boat to the next island, then spend the rest of the day exploring the island on a bike.

2. Splendors of Slovenia and Croatia Bike Tour

If you want to combine Slovenia with your Croatia bike tour, then our Splendors of Slovenia and Croatia Bike Tour is right for you. This tour begins from Ljubljana in Slovenia, covers the famous Lake Bled, and ends in Rovinj on Croatia’s north-eastern coast after traversing the Vipava Valley. On the way, it also passes through Motovun, famous for its black and white truffles that are prized in kitchens around the world.

3. The Wine Roads of Istria

If you’ve fine Croatian wines and the Adriatic coast on your mind, then this is the tour for you. Istria is also called the Tuscany of Croatia for its fine wines and its delicious truffles. The Wine Roads of Istria tour starts in Buje in northern Istria and ends in Pula in the south. Along the way, it traverses Croatia’s famously gorgeous coastline with its turquoise waters, and allows you to explore famous historical monuments including a Roman amphitheater and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What Is the Best Time For Croatia Bike Tours?

Generally, the most popular time for a bike tour in Croatia is during the spring (end of April to June) and autumn (September to October) months. During these times, the weather is typically mild, with warm temperatures and less crowded compared to the peak summer season. You'll also enjoy lush greenery and blooming flowers in the spring, while the autumn offers beautiful foliage and grape harvests in some areas.

However, if you prefer warmer weather and don't mind the crowds, the summer months (July and August) can also be a good time to cycle in Croatia. Just be prepared for higher temperatures and more tourists, especially in popular tourist destinations.

What Does a Day On Your Croatia Bike Tour Look Like?

At Art of Bicycle Trips, we believe in experiential travel. Our tours combine cycling with cultural activities and nature exploration.

An average day on tour includes 4-5 hours of biking, with the rest of the day reserved for local experiences such as exploring local attractions, interacting with local communities, visiting monuments and museums, learning local crafts, trying local cuisine and more.

Each guided Croatia bike tour is led by an expert trip leader who is also a local. Our trip leaders are a repository of local knowledge, routes, customs, cultures, and cuisines. By employing only local guides, we also help generate employment opportunities for local communities.

All hotels on tour are carefully chosen for their character, comfort, and cuisine, and each hotel becomes an experience in itself that guests can enjoy.

A support vehicle accompanies guests at all times, and if at any point a rider does not feel like biking any further, they can always load their bike and sit in the support van.

Our tours are all-inclusive, which means meals, permits, fees, transportation and other additional costs are included in the price of the trip, unless otherwise stated.

We pride ourselves on the degree of customization we provide on each tour, and are always happy to accommodate any special requests from our guests relating to the tour.

What Kind of Bikes Are Provided On Your Cycling Tour in Croatia?

We provide hybrid bikes and e-bikes on our Croatia cycling holidays. All our bikes are of the latest make, well-maintained and in excellent condition.

What Is the Terrain Like On a Bike Tour in Croatia?

The terrain depends on which Croatia bike tour you’re on.

Split to Dubrovnik: Island Hopping the Dalmatian Coast Bike Tour

The Dalmatian islands consist of rolling hills, valleys, and the occasional steep climb, with elevation gains of up to 750m. This tour is classified as being of Moderate difficulty level.

Splendors of Slovenia and Croatia Bike Tour

Slovenia consists for the most part of undulating hills. Cyclists can expect a few challenging climbs In the Vipava Valley and in Motovun. The rest of the terrain is either flat, or is gentle, rolling hills. This tour is classified as being of Moderate difficulty level.

The Wine Roads of Istria Bike Tour

Istria is a limestone plateau with terrain varying from flat plains to rolling hills. Expect a few challenging climbs in the region around Motovun. This tour is classified as being of Easy to Moderate difficulty level.

Croatia Bike Tours — Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is the Best Cycling in Croatia?

The best cycling in Croatia happens in the Istrian peninsula to the northeast and along its Dalmatian coast. The Dalmatian coast has numerous islands and peninsulas including Brač, Hvar, Korčula, and Peljesac that have excellent beaches, vineyards, olive groves, lavender fields and numerous other attractions. The borderlands between Croatia and Slovenia are also excellent for cycling.

Can I Combine My Croatia Bike Tour With Another Country?

Yes, you can. Art of Bicycle Trips’ Splendors of Slovenia and Croatia Bike Tour allows you to bike through Slovenia, in addition to Croatia. If you’re interested in combining your Croatia bike tour with another country, feel free to get in touch with us for a private tour and we’ll be happy to accommodate your itinerary.

Is it Safe to Cycle in Croatia?

Yes, it is safe to cycle in Croatia. The US Department of State classifies Croatia as a Level 1 country, which is the lowest risk level rating.

Which Other Activities Can I Enjoy in Croatia Apart from Biking?

You can learn the craft of making Licitars, colorfully decorated ornamental biscuits that are intrinsic part of Croatia’s culture. Food lovers can also experience truffle hunting using hounds and hogs in Croatian forests.

Please note that at present, these activities are not a part of our Croatia bike tours.

Which Is the Most Popular Wine in Croatia?

Plavac Mali is the most popular wine in Croatia. It is grown on the Peljesac peninsula and in most of the Dalmatian peninsula. It is a red wine with bold flavors. Pošip is another popular Croatian wine. It is a white wine with a full-bodied taste.

How Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites Are There in Croatia?

Croatia has 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These are:

  • The Old City of Dubrovnik
  • Diocletian’s Palace and the Historic City Center of Split
  • The Stari Grad Plain
  • The Euphrasian Basilica in Porec
  • The Historic City of Trogir
  • The Sibenik Cathedral
  • Zadar’s Defensive System and St. Michael’s Fortress in Sibenik
  • Stecci Medieval Tombstone Graveyards
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • The Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians

Our Split to Dubrovnik: Island Hopping the Dalmatian Coast Bike Tour covers the first three of these sites, while the Wine Roads of Istria Bike Tour includes Porec.

Is Croatia Good for Biking?

Absolutely. Croatia is one of the most gorgeous countries to explore on a bicycle. Our Croatia bike tours are designed for travelers who want to take the scenic route, allowing the sights, sounds, and scents of the destination time to sink in.

Is Dubrovnik Good for Cycling?

The city of Dubrovnik itself may not be ideal for cycling due to its narrow lanes. However, the Peljesac peninsula, which is part of the Dubrovnik-Neretva county makes for excellent cycling. Peljesac is known for producing Croatia’s finest wine — the eponymous Peljesac wine. It is also home to the village of Ston, famous for having the longest fortified wall in Europe, dating back to the 14th century.

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