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South America Bike Tours

Immerse yourself in the life of South America on our unique bike tours in South America. Spread between its sandy deserts and frozen glaciers are some of the most beautiful lakes, mountains, and valleys on earth that are a cyclists’ delight. It shouldn’t be surprising then, that cycling tours in South America let you feast your eyes on some of the most pristine scenery in the world.

Our South America cycling tours are aimed at travelers who want to pace out their journey to really let the destination sink in well. While spectacular lakes and verdant surroundings provide the perfect setting for a wholesome cycling holiday in South America, it’s the curated routes and boutique hotels that really complement the trip. Expert guides, well-maintained cycles, and a backup vehicle is the backbone of the trip. Once done with the trip, we ensure you that you will fall in love with South America. We beckon you to South America by bike!

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David from US


Great Adventure

Chile bike tour was a great adventure!!!!!!!! The sights, smells and scenery were all unforgettable. The trip description promised "Chile’s famed lakes and volcanoes" and we were not disappointed. We enjoyed the variety of bicycling experiences through many different terrains.

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