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Join us for a cycling tour in Rajasthan that you will leave you mesmerized! Meander through the sandy stretches of Thar Desert, the perfect pale backdrop to the splash of colours that is Rajasthan! A wondrous mix of textiles, jewelry, local craft create an exciting mélange of cultural fabric for you to discover in the narrow markets of charming weathered towns of Rajasthan. Explore old forts, ancient temples and grand palaces that have withheld the test of time as you bike along the sturdy Aravalli mountain range.

When to go cycling in Rajasthan

August, September marks the monsoon season in Rajasthan and the countryside feels alive. The temperature (similar for March) could be close to 25-30 degree Celsius in nights, but the days are sunny & humid with temperatures around 30-40 degree Celsius. If it is humid and hot, we recommend to start biking early in the morning around 6 AM, carry packed breakfast and end riding by noon time to avoid heatstroke. Though it may be a bit hot, it is still a good time for biking as countryside is amazingly green with many water bodies. Generally it rains for a short period and then settles down which makes the condition much cooler and perfect for biking.

November, December, January & February marks the winter season in Rajasthan. The monsoon season has ended. The temperature could be close to 2-5 degree Celsius in nights in Dec-Jan, but the days are sunny with temperatures around 15-20 degree Celsius. Nights can get chilly in the highlands. It is recommended to carry warm clothes and breathable windproof jacket. These are the best months for cycling in Rajasthan.


The terrain on the route varies from rolling hills to flat desert to grasslands. Maximum altitude is 1100m near Kumbhalgarh. In general the route is undulating around the Aravalli mountain ranges till the village of Narlai. From here the flat begins. Nearly 30% of the route is flat and the remaining is amidst rolling hills. Average distance cycled per day is approx. 50 kms.

Later, the route cuts through the northern end of the Aravalli mountains. The Aravallis, not the highest of mountain ranges, are at their lowest here before disappearing altogether near Delhi. Bharatpur is at an altitude of 180m above the sea level. Jaipur is at an elevation of 430m. The route is generally a gentle uphill. A stretch near Sariska is with a gradient of 10-12%.


Fauna - Explore nature and wildlife of Rajasthan. Commonly spotted animals include Antelopes like Bluebull, Blackbuck and Chinkara. Jackal, Fox and Wildboar can sometimes be spotted too. Herds of Camel can be commonly seen grazing by the sides of the roads. Common birds include Peacock, Kingfishers, Hornbill.

Flora – Flora varies greatly with the geography. In the desert region around Jodhpur Dhok, Acacia, cactii, Khejad trees, and shrub jungles are common. Closer to the Aravalli ranges fields of Mustard, Wheat, Maize, Barley etc. dot the landscape.


Food - Rajasthani food is influenced by the harsh desert climate. Forced to improvise with whatever little the desert could offer, the cuisine has over the millennia evolved distinct flavors and tastes found nowhere else India. You can get to savor local delicacies like Rajasthani Lal Maas, Ker Sangri(desert beans), Besan Gatta, Dal Bati Churma etc.

Culture – This is culturally one of the most vibrant regions of Rajasthan. Experience the lifestyle of the Bishnois – one of the world’s oldest environmentalist communities who protect trees and wildlife. Come across wandering gypsies called Rebaris. In Udaipur meet Bhil Tribals still residing in little stone huts perched on hilltops. Pose for photographs with tribal women dressed in intricate jewellery and tattoes. Watch the millennia old Persian Water Wheel being used to irrigate wheat fields near Kumbhalgarh. In Jodhpur listen to folk musicians called Manganiyars play traditional Rajasthani instruments like the Ravanhatta – said to be the oldest extant bowed instrument in the world and the predecessor of the Cello and the Violin.

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Reviews from our friends

Holly Waters from US


Great trip!

Great trip! I enjoyed that the cycling was always in the first half of the day and the culture portion was in the latter part of the day. Our guide Kamal was very knowledgeable and the guides enlisted at each historical site gave us a thorough understanding of all we visited. We really enjoyed cycling through the small villages and interacting with the locals.

David Sylvester from US


Would highly recommend

Four of us with multiple previous bike trips under our belt were very impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and commitment to the client provided by our guide. An Udaipur company with intelligent, highly educated (university degrees) guides and a good itinerary. Third world adventures will throw a few curves but good guiding companies can deal with them. Numerous brief shuttles during the 12 days bypassed the unsuitable biking portions of Rajasthan. Would highly recommend.

Rosemary Hirota-Morris from CA


This was truly a trip for the bucket list

This was our first trip to India and we were a little worried about the cycling experience. As it turned out, this was a great and memorable trip. The bikes were of a very good quality and up to the challenges of the many hills and varied terrain of Rajasthan. Our guide, Bupendra, was really great. He made sure we got to see the real India and have lots of opportunity to interact with locals. He even took us to a couple of places for street food, assuring us that we would not get Delhi belly. He was absolutely correct and we had some very tasty lunches on those occasions. We stayed at several Heritage hotels, which turned out to be incredibly amazing palaces. Art of Bicycle did a fantastic job in organizing this trip and planning a very relaxed, informative and unique experience. This was truly a trip for the bucket list!