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Art of Bicycle Trips offers personalized bike tours and intimate experiences in the most beautiful regions of India (Rajasthan, Kerala and more), Srilanka and Southeast Asia (Laos, Cambodia and Thailand). Our well-researched, handcrafted itineraries are designed to reveal region's diverse culture, heritage and countryside. We see biking and hiking as a catalyst for new paradigm based on the human traits of truth, honesty and freedom and so is followed by our people.

  • Day Tours Bangalore

    If you have limited time at hand, these Day bike tours offer great active adventure with a variety of local experiences to the most beautiful areas around Bangalore, Kochi, Udaipur and Leh.
  • Long Bike Tours

    Our signature Classic cycling holidays are designed for people who share a love for cross-cultural learning and seek authentic experiences in India, Srilanka, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand in an active way.
  • Self guided Tours India

    Biking at your own pace and assimilating a destination at your own time can be highly gratifying. Lead your own cycling tour and unearth the destination with flexibility and freedom, with our full support!
  • Private Tours India

    Ideal for families with kids, couples and group of friends. Select any existing classic itinerary and turn it into a private trip, or design your own Bespoke cycling adventure. Your Vacation, Your Way.
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Art of Bicycle Trips is India's leading bike tour operator offering bicycle tours or cycling holidays across India: Rajasthan, Kerala; Srilanka; Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand. With Art of Bicycle Trips you’ll bike or hike through beautiful landscapes at your own pace, engage with communities along the trip and indulge in unique regional cuisine. Find your perfect active holiday or adventure at We also offer Bespoke Travel and Self-Guided Tours.

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