The Great Vietnamese Ride

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The Great Vietnamese Ride: From North to South - Experience the best of Vietnam as you cycle from Hanoi to Saigon. Explore Halong Bay's breathtaking beauty, pedal through picturesque Ninh Binh and Mai Chau, and uncover the coastal wonders of Central Vietnam, including the historic city of Hue, known for its imperial citadels and cultural treasures. Continue your journey to the enchanting town of Hoi An, where ancient architecture and vibrant markets await. Traverse the captivating landscapes of Da Lat before delving into Saigon's vibrant streets. Conclude your adventure in the serene Mekong Delta, immersing yourself in riverside communities.

This ultimate cycling expedition showcases Vietnam's temples, stunning landscapes, renowned cuisine, and warm hospitality. Discover the heart and soul of Vietnam on this unforgettable North-to-South journey.


Hanoi | 13:00hrs


Saigon | 16:00hrs





Avg. dist. cycled

60km or 36mi

Suitable for

Age: 16+


Highlight Image

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayak through the islands of Halong Bay


Brief Itinerary

DAY 1HanoiSilk Path Boutique HotelD
DAY 2Halong CityHalong Plaza HotelB,L,D50km / 30mi*cycling
DAY 3Halong Bay - Cat Ba IslandLittle Cat BaB,L,D30km / 18micycling
DAY 4Kayak and Shuttle to Ninh BinhTrang An RetreatB,L,Dkayaking
DAY 5Cuc Phuong National ParkCuc Phuong Resort & VillasB,L,D40km / 24micycling
DAY 6Pu LuongPu Luong HomeB,L,D70km / 42micycling
DAY 7Mai ChauMai Chau LodgeB,L,D60km / 36micycling
DAY 8Overnight train to HueTrain to HueB,L60km / 36micycling
DAY 9HueThe Scarlett
DAY 10HuéThe ScarlettB,L25-50km / 15-30micycling
DAY 11Hoi AnAnn RetreatB,L,D80km / 64mi*cycling
DAY 12Hoi AnAnn RetreatB
DAY 13Quang NgaiCocoland River BeachB,L,D65km / 40mi*cycling
DAY 14Quy NhonSeagullB,L,D65km / 39mi*cycling
DAY 15Tuy HoaSala BeachB,L,D70km / 42micycling
DAY 16Nha TrangTTC MicheliaB,L60km / 36micycling
DAY 17Da LatDu Park HotelB,L,D90km / 54mi*cycling
DAY 18Fly to SaigonSilverland YenB,L
DAY 19Tra VinhCoco Riverside LodgeB,L,D60km / 36micycling
DAY 20Can ThoTTC PremiumB,L60km / 36micycling
DAY 21SaigonB,L25km / 15micycling

Detailed Itinerary

Itinerary Image

Day 1: Hanoi

Our guide meets you at your hotel at 13:00hrs for a bike fit.

Post that, walk the busy streets of Hanoi visiting some of the cultural and historical highlights of Hanoi. Visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, which was constructed nearly a millennium ago, and is delicately elevated in a pond. Also visit the Temple of Literature, dating back close to a thousand years, is a wonderfully preserved piece of ancient Vietnamese architecture and stands to honor the scholarly achievements of the country’s academics and philosophers. Continue exploring the area around Hoan Kiem (Sword) Lake, the old quarter including Ngoc Son Temple, which sits perched on a little island in the lake. In the evening, we convene over dinner.

Meals: D
Itinerary Image

Day 2: Halong City

Ride past the rich farmlands of the Red River Delta before taking a shuttle to Halong City. The river rises in Yunnan province, and flows across the Tonkin region, through Hanoi, and enters the Gulf of Tonkin. We criss-cross the rivers and ride over a multitude of bridges. Hanoi-Halong City.PNG

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 50km / 30mi*
Accommodation: Halong Plaza Hotel
Itinerary Image

Day 3: Halong Bay - Cat Ba Island

A quick ferry journey amidst spectacular limestone mountain scenery brings us to Cat Ba Island. After lunch, get on the bike for a loop around the island. Enjoy the stunning sunset over the limestone mountains.

Cat Ba Island also has numerous caves; Hospital Cave, Hoa Cuong (Diamond) Cave, Thien Long Cave, and Trung Trang Cave. Cat Ba Island is fortunate to have so many fantastic caves and natural beauty. Cat ba island Loop.PNG

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 30km / 18mi
Accommodation: Little Cat Ba
Itinerary Image

Day 4: Kayak and Shuttle to Ninh Binh

After a hearty breakfast, get on board a smaller boat and take a journey to the more remote and secluded parts of the Lan Ha Bay waters and islands. Trade your boat with a kayak and explore the lagoons, the coral reef, beaches, and limestone peaks. Ferry back to Hai Phong and shuttle to Ninh Binh. The transfer to Ninh Binh takes about 3 hrs.

Meals: B,L,D
Accommodation: Trang An Retreat
Itinerary Image

Day 5: Cuc Phuong National Park

A short cycling ride along the river brings us to Trang An, known as Halong Bay on land. The landscape is largely dominated by limestone mountains, rivers, caves, and pagodas. Here we take a boat ride and get to experience the magical scenery dotted with natural and cultural wonders.

We take a break at the ancient city of Hoa Lu for a quick temple tour and then continue riding toward Cuc Phuong National Park through the stunning landscape.

Nin Binh-Cuc Phuong National Park.PNG

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 40km / 24mi
Itinerary Image

Day 6: Pu Luong

In the early morning hours, visit the Cuc Phuong National Park, an important site for biodiversity in Vietnam

It’s a long day interspersed with transfers and rides. We start with a transfer of about 90min to the starting point for our cycling. Unload the bikes and cycle on largely undulating paths. We continue cycling past acacia plantations, sugarcane fields, and corn farms dotted with Thai and Muong Tribes' villages. Arrive in Pu Luong, and check in at a family lodge located in the heart of Pu Luong Nature Reserve.

Cuc Phuong National Park-Mai Chau.PNG

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 70km / 42mi
Accommodation: Pu Luong Home
Itinerary Image

Day 7: Mai Chau

Another day of the undulating ride. Cycle past a spectacular mountain range with karst cliffs, terraced rice fields, and a typical agricultural landscape, ending at the beautiful valleys of Mai Chau. The experience is truly unique as we get to experience a good change in landscape.

Mai Chau is a collection of villages and offers a true rural cycling experience. Do enjoy the evening walking around the valley and admiring simple rural life amidst spectacular scenery.

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 60km / 36mi
Accommodation: Mai Chau Lodge
Itinerary Image

Day 8: Overnight train to Hue

The initial stretch has a bit of climb and then it delves down to the foothills of mountains. The topography is adorned with timber and fern trees. After around 45km, we stop for lunch along the Da reservoir and then make a transfer to Ky Son to cycle further along rivers and lakes. The cycling is up to yen Trung and then take a shuttle transfer to Hanoi.

In the late evening, take an overnight train to Hue.

Mai Chau-Hanoi.png

Meals: B,L
Cycling Distance: 60km / 36mi
Accommodation: Train to Hue
Itinerary Image

Day 9: Hue

The UNESCO World Heritage town of Hué is your gateway to Vietnam. Our guide meets at the station and then transfers to your hotel for early check-in.

Today is a rest day and you can plan your own day. Hue is a city located in central Vietnam, known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and scenic beauty. The Perfume River flows through Hue, adding to the city's charm. Taking a boat trip on the river is a popular activity. Hue is also known for its traditional arts and crafts, including delicate porcelain, intricate embroidery, and distinctive Hue-style cuisine, which is renowned for its sophisticated flavors and presentation.

Accommodation: The Scarlett
Itinerary Image

Day 10: Hué

Today take your bicycle out for an early morning leisurely loop around the imperial town of Hué. Ride past the Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Mausoleums, and the merchant’s houses along the banks of the Perfume River and through quiet lanes with lush gardens.

If you're up for more riding, explore the ‘purple city’ on a short countryside loop on a bike, swerving to unthreaded nooks and corners through the beautiful rural countryside and absorbing this historic capital city of Vietnam at your own pace. Take a short transfer out of Hue to visit the Thanh Toan Bridge, an ancient architectural monument extremely valuable in terms of its history and culture. This is one of two bridges remaining in Vietnam today that retains its unique architectural style. We then cycle on to Dam Chuon Lagoon, a part of the Tam Giang Lagoon system. This is a must-see spot for all those who are lovers of beautiful scenery and keen photographers.

We continue riding to Thuan An beach, an ideal place for relaxation. On the way to the beach, there will be many houses, temples, pagodas, rice fields, and beautiful gardens to see and explore. Upon arrival at the beach, enjoy a swim and then jump back on the bikes and head to Con Te Islet.

Loopback to Hue, and stop at Sinh Village – an ancient village well known for its artists and beautiful, traditional, craft woodblock paintings.

Hue Loop.PNG

Meals: B,L
Cycling Distance: 25-50km / 15-30mi
Accommodation: The Scarlett
Itinerary Image

Day 11: Hoi An

After a hearty breakfast, we take a short transfer out of Hue to the coast. Begin riding off the beaten track along a picturesque, narrow peninsular road. Cross the estuary of the Perfume River and from here, challenge yourself by cycling up the Phuoc Tuong Pass then take a short transfer to Lang Co and have lunch by the gorgeous lagoon.

Later, ride along the Lang Co Bay with spectacular views of winding paths, wooden fishing boats, waterfalls, mountains, and forests, and bike over gradual hills to climb Hai Van pass for views of this splendid bay. This rugged pass is the final section of the Truong Son Range stretching to the sea. From the pass, go downhill to the base and shuttle to Hoi An, a delightful old trading town and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hue-Hoian(Part1).PNG Hue-Hoian(Part2).PNG

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 80km / 64mi*
Accommodation: Ann Retreat
Itinerary Image

Day 12: Hoi An

The architectural beauty of Hoi An will captivate you as this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a melange of Vietnamese, European, Chinese, and Japanese monuments in an unhurried, timeless setting.

Today you can plan your own day, and enjoy the enchanting Hoi An town at leisure. A paradise for shoppers, a walk through the town gives a feel of an open-air museum.

Meals: B
Accommodation: Ann Retreat
Itinerary Image

Day 13: Quang Ngai

Ride past a network of lush rice fields and narrow interior rural backroads. Break for lunch at Tam Ky and then transfer for about 1hr. Ride from here through corn and vegetable plantations with our first true view of cowherds. We end the ride with a visit to the My Lai Massacre Memorial. During the Vietnam War, a company of American soldiers brutally killed the majority of the population of My Lai. Transfer from here and end the day at Sa Huynh. The Sa Huỳnh culture flourished between 1000 BC and 200 AD, and was most likely the predecessors of the Cham.

Hoi An-Quang Ngai(Part 1).PNG Hoi An-Quang Ngai(Part 2).PNG

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 65km / 40mi*
Accommodation: Cocoland River Beach
Itinerary Image

Day 14: Quy Nhon

Today get ride to bike in the tropical countryside, past tree-canopied rice farms and lush green mountains. The ride is largely flat with mountains looming in the backdrop throughout. Stop off at a Cham tower – built by the Champa civilization who ruled the southern Vietnamese area for over a millennium up until the early 1800s. Later take a short transfer to Qui Nhon.

Quang Ngai-Quy Nhon.PNG

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 65km / 39mi*
Accommodation: Seagull
Itinerary Image

Day 15: Tuy Hoa

Today is a beautiful rolling route. A short transfer takes us off the highway and to the remote area where we start biking with the view of gorgeous forests and hills. The biking is through undulating terrain past beautiful villages and mountain views. After lunch, continue riding towards the main highway and then transfer to Tuy Hoa.

Quy Nhon-TUy Hoa.PNG

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 70km / 42mi
Accommodation: Sala Beach
Itinerary Image

Day 16: Nha Trang

Another good day at the saddle. Ride past the network of lush rice fields which blanket the valley. Admire the ocean view around Vung Ro bay before meeting the pass which is the natural border between the provinces. Descend down to stunning Dai Lanh beach and take a break for a swim and lunch.

After lunch, continue riding along the coast and then turn on to the Hon Gom peninsular road for the final leg.

Before arriving at Nha Trang, visit the famous Po Ngar Cham Towers, built between the 7th and 12th centuries and still actively used for worship.

Enjoy the rest of the evening at leisure. Dinner is on your own today. We recommend digging into Hải san, a medley of seafood.

Tuy Hoa-Nha Trang (Part1).PNG Tuy Hoa-Nha Trang (Part2).PNG

Meals: B,L
Cycling Distance: 60km / 36mi
Accommodation: TTC Michelia
Itinerary Image

Day 17: Da Lat

A long mountainous ride today takes us to Da Lat, the jewel of the central highlands. The region is dotted with lakes, waterfalls, pine trees, and infinite flowers, making for a picturesque cycling adventure. Take in some spectacular views as we ride along Da Lat’s pine-forested hills and picturesque flower farms. Nha Trang-Da Lat.PNG

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 90km / 54mi*
Accommodation: Du Park Hotel
Itinerary Image

Day 18: Fly to Saigon

Get up early today for a short flight to Saigon. Our guide meets you at the airport and transfers you to your hotel. Later, go on a walking tour to explore some of the most popular sites (Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Opera House, Continental Hotel, The Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral and Post Office, and The War Remnants Museum). This walking tour gives an excellent introduction to the city’s history and provides you with plenty of opportunities to soak up the unique mix of chaos and tranquility that is modern-day Saigon.

Meals: B,L
Accommodation: Silverland Yen
Itinerary Image

Day 19: Tra Vinh

A short shuttle transfer brings us to My Tho – the gateway of the Mekong delta. Ride along a small creek to the Mekong estuary past gorgeous paddy fields and lush orchards. Along the way, we may also see how local people use water-coconut leaves to make thatch roofs. Lunch is served en route at a local restaurant. Saigon-Tra vinhh.PNG

Meals: B,L,D
Cycling Distance: 60km / 36mi
Accommodation: Coco Riverside Lodge
Itinerary Image

Day 20: Can Tho

We go deeper into the delta. We ride past numerous rice fields, rivers, and canals, and over a multitude of bridges that may offer views of floating villages. Apart from rice fields, the region is dotted with many plantations of banana, coconut, and citrus trees. It’s a long ride today through the interior trails of Mekong Delta to Can Tho. Set on the southern bank of the Hau River, Can Tho is known for its network of canals and nearby floating markets. Tra Vinh-Can Tho.PNG

Meals: B,L
Cycling Distance: 60km / 36mi
Accommodation: TTC Premium
Itinerary Image

Day 21: Saigon

Experience early morning Cai Rang floating market on a boat ride and then cycle to Phong Dien floating market. Weave through teeming early morning market bustle along the banks of an active riverfront. Absorb the sights of the endless cottage industries, timber merchants, coconuts shredders, small dock loading/unloading rice, and tiny vibrant markets. Continue by bike on the narrow lane and loop round to the main road.

Later shuttle to Saigon for an extension here or for your onward flight.

We aim to reach HCM (Saigon) by 16:00hrs and will drop you at your hotel in Saigon or the airport. It’s good to book your onward flight for 17:00hrs onwards.

Meals: B,L
Cycling Distance: 25km / 15mi


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Essential Info



All hotels as mentioned in the tour details or similar (subject to availability).

trip leader

Expert Trip Leader(s) who look after your every need and add meaning to your vacation.


Immaculately maintained bike with helmet, suited to a terrain.


A Van support that follows the group of riders and carries all belongings.


Meals as per itinerary. Guests are given the opportunity to dine on their own so that they discover a location independently.


Refreshments and mineral water while cycling.


Entrance fees to most of the monuments and temples.


E-bikes are available on this trip at a surcharge. Please send a note to your tour consultant to book one.


When you have a road and the thrill of a journey ahead of you, it’s imperative to have a good bike to enjoy it. Our fleet majorly consist of the below bikes as a part of this tour. However, sometimes due to height or availability constraints, we may provide a different but similar quality bike.

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Included in your trip price


Like most tropical regions, Vietnam has hot summers, mild pleasant winters, and an extremely wet rainy season. Being located in the northern hemisphere, the best season for cycling in Vietnam is generally from September to May, with regional variations as described below:

North Vietnam – Hanoi and Halong Bay: The cycling tour season in this region runs from October to May. December and January can be cold with occasional rainfall. May to October is hot, with heavy rain in the months of August and September.

Coastal Vietnam – Hue to Nha Trang: Coastal Vietnam is a narrow crescent-like coastal strip that is at times only 60 km wide. As a result, it experiences coastal weather phenomena such as high rainfall and occasional typhoons during the wet season that runs from September to December. Travelers during this season should be prepared for last-minute changes to the itinerary. The Best season to visit this region is from January to September with the average temperature hovering around 30°C.

South Vietnam – Saigon and Mekong Delta: South Vietnam is a year-round cycling destination because of its pleasant tropical climate. April and May can be hot, but for the rest of the year, the temperature hovers around 30°C. There is moderate rainfall from May to early November but it settles soon, leaving the weather cool and the countryside lush. November to February is the best time for cycling in South Vietnam with warm weather, clear blue skies, and a light ocean breeze blowing in from the Pacific.


Residents from a number of countries have visa exemption status for tourist visits to Vietnam. For a full list of up-to-date visa-exempt countries, see the Vietnam Foreign Affairs website.

e-Visa – The ‘e-visa’ process is newer and more streamlined. You can apply for an e-visa through the government website, then, once approved, simply print it out and present it upon arrival in Vietnam. The additional benefit of the e-visa is that it's valid at land borders, not just airports. The processing time ranges from 2 to 7 working days. We recommend applying 2 weeks in advance to avoid unexpected delays. Read more about tourist e-visas for Vietnam at the Vietnam Immigration portal and apply there.

While applying online for an approval letter, please ensure that you have the following documents:

  • Passport scanned copy: A scanned copy of your passport - front (main) page. It shouldn't be a mobile photo or a photo taken from a laptop. Strictly scanned copy done through a computer scanner.
  • Passport size photo: portrait photo (4*6 size, colored photo, white background, straight looking without glasses). A photo taken from a mobile or laptop may or may not work, so I would strictly advise getting one made through a nearby photo studio (retail shop) that specializes in taking photos for visas.

Here is an excellent resource on Vietnam visas that may be worth looking at.


Airport pickup and drop

We recommend to book direclty from airport or hotel.


Some meals may not be included. Please check your itinerary.


Beverages such as alcohol, tea, coffee, juice at a hotel or restaurant.

Reviews from our friends

Richard R from US


I feel that we got a realistic view

I feel that we got a realistic view of Vietnamese citizens which is what we wanted. The bicycles were a great way to see things and engage with people. It was good to have the experience of traveling the length of the country and we are glad we got to Siem Reap as well. All transfers went smoothly and the itinerary was well planned. The guides were helpful in picking our food options and we ate some excellent food. Cycling in Vietnam was not like our other cycling trips in other countries as far as road quality. That was mentioned in the trip literature and should be taken to heart. We rode on some very rough, pitted roads, through gravel, through sand, standing water, and heavy mud. It was a good trip and we are glad we did it.

Lauren Stringer from CA


Trip of a Lifetime!

Doing this trip to Vietnam on by bike, we saw so much more than we otherwise would have. We went to out of the way places and really got to experience how people live. The guides were also knowledgable and accomodating. The excursions were fun and interesting. I learned so much about the country and its history. I would do a trip like this again for sure.

Corrine Livingston from US


We loved the trip!

We loved the trip! The cycling was fun and beautiful, the guides were very gracious and informative, of course the food was fabulous and our hotels were very nice. Vietnam is a very special place in our hearts as the people are so warm and friendly.

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